Bulletin Articles

Date Title Author
11/01/20 The Most Wrestled Scripture David Burris The_Most_Wrestled_Scripture.pdf
10/28/20 Minding Your Own Business David Burris MINDING_YOUR_OWN_BUSINESS_1.pdf
10/06/20 Getting A Glimpse of Heaven David Burris GETTING_A_GLIMPSE_OF_HEAVEN_1.pdf
10/03/20 Playing the Long Game of Mental Divorce David Burris Playing_the_Long_Game_of_Mental_Divorce_1.pptx
09/26/20 Cold Case Crucifixion David Burris COLD_CASE_CRUCIFIXION.docx
09/26/20 The Pilgrim Politics of a Christian Voter David Burris THE_PILGRIM_POLITICS_OF_A_CHRISTIAN_VOTER_2.pdf
09/18/20 Rescuing Lost Lambs David Burris Rescuing_Lost_Lambs_2.pdf
09/18/20 Temporally Terrestrially Cocooned David Burris Temporally_Terrestrially_Cocooned_3.pdf
09/09/20 Toxic Versus Pure Religion David Burris Toxic_Versus_Pure_Religion_3.pdf
09/08/20 The Way Through The Storm David Burris THE_WAY_THROUGH_THE_STORM_4.pdf
09/08/20 Temptation is NOT SIn! David Burris Temptation_is_NOT_Sin_2.pdf
09/08/20 Re-Visiting Validity of Pre-Teen Baptism David Burris Re-Visiting_Validity_of_Pre-Teen_Baptism_3.pdf
09/08/20 A Short Study of Sin David Burris A_SHORT_STUDY_OF_SIN_2.pdf
08/08/20 Secular Humanism David Burris 3-d_Secular_Humanism_1.pdf
08/08/20 Uzzah's Presumption and God's Prerogative David Burris Uzzahs_Presumption__Gods_Prerogative_1.pdf
08/06/20 Sineaters - Scapegoats - Volcano Virgins David Burris Sineaters_-_Scapegoats_-_Volcano_Virgins_1.pdf
05/08/20 Josephus David Burris CO-OPTED_JOSEPHUS.pdf
04/24/20 Christian Agape Love David Burris CHRISTIAN_AGAPE_LOVE.pdf
04/04/20 When Life Becomes a Nightmare David Burris When_LIfe_Becomes_A_Nightmare.pdf
03/31/20 Pandemic Edition: What is the Value of a Human Life? David Burris Pandemic_Edition.pdf
02/14/20 The Games People Play With God David Burris THE_GAMES_PEOPLE_PLAY_WITH_GOD.pdf
11/15/19 How Good Leaders Maintain Progress Shane Scott How_Good_Leaders_Maintain_Progress.pdf